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'The Cardfather'



"Hi, I'm Kevin, founder and creator of Redrakoon. 

A little about me... I have a condition that means when I can’t sleep I need to eat…the doctor has called it ‘Insom-nom-nom-nom’.   I live my life by

a certain moto… that is that I don’t ever want to look back and think... “ah man...I could have eaten that.”  I enjoy moonlight walks to the fridge, the occasional pot noodle and the sultry sounds of the Backstreet Boys.  Most of all I love greeting cards.

Oh yeah...I also have six raccoons that help me run the company on a day to day basis."


Burt 'Red' Rakoon

Sales Director


"Hi, before coming to work for Redrakoon,

I used to run a speed-dating service for chickens, but I was struggling to make hens meet.  However I did find out that

if your phone autocorrects ‘f#ck’ to

‘duck’, you’re still using foul language so that's good to know, right.  

Our Sales Department is here to answer any questions you may have 24/7.


Alice Rakoon

Dispatch Manger

"Hi, I'm not clumsy.  It's just the floor seems

to hate me, the tables and chairs are nothing but bullies and the wall always get in my

way.  I don’t mean to interrupt people, I just randomly remember things and I get really excited.  I once saw a guy sitting in a Starbucks; he had no iPhone, no iPod, no iPad no tablet or a laptop. He just sat there

drinking coffee like a psychopath...scary. 

My team deals with all your orders and deliveries and we are here to help in any way.

Funny raccoon sitting in a box isolated

David Rakoon

Accounts Manager


"Hi, any billing issues... I’m your guy. 

I’m obsessed with taking blurry pictures

of myself in the shower. I have a serious

selfie steam issue.  In all my years working

in accountancy, I have found that in the end,

we only regret the chances we didn’t take

and the poorly timed farts.  Lastly, to whoever stole my copy of Microsoft Office; I will find you. You have my word!"


Lily Rakoon

Web Chat Manager


"Hi, working for Redrakoon is my dream job.  People ask me if women work harder than men and I always unequivocally say 'NO!'  We get it right the first time.   In my free time I enjoy singing but I hate it when i'm singing a song and the artist gets the word wrong.

I did a cartwheel the other day thinking

it was like riding a bike. It's not!

I don't snore I dream I am a tractor."

Surprised raccoon looking at a raccoon p

Gordon Rakoon

Customer Service Manager


"I love greeting cards.  I used to think

I was indecisive, but now I’m not to sure.  Working at Redrakoon I have learnt

there is no angry way to say 'bubbles'.

I did a push-up today. Well, I actually

feel over but I had to use my arms to

get back up so…you know, close enough. 

I need some chocolate."

Surprised raccoon looking at a raccoon p

Hank Rakoon

PR Director

"I love Redrakoon. Period. do have a massive obsession with the group Wham and I do rather sleep a lot however! 

So, if any member of staff ever needs to leave early, I always ask them to please wake me up before they go go! 

My therapist says I have a preoccupation with vengeance. We’ll see about that.

More importantly I’ve recently put up a high-voltage electric fence around my house.  My next-door neighbour is dead against it."

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